Monday, April 15, 2013


This trip to Portland was more business than last year, but that didn't mean I couldn't have fun. I had an interview for music therapy which was pretty full on so the times I had in between were fab.
Here is Kayla and me hanging out. I have missed her so much!

Food carts! I didn't get to these the last time so I was very excited and it lived up to its name.
 Did you know that donuts are in my top 5 favorite junk foods? OK fine. top 3. That good. 

 I could not get enough of Teddy, Mikey's baby. Especially in a Peru hat.

I love seeing old friends and having so much fun with them!!!


For President's Day Weekend Marti and I headed off to Washington and Oregon. We spent some time in Seattle and found the infamous gum wall. I was a little apprehensive about touching it, but had to add some gum of course! From a distance it is pretty neat looking, I will say.

 We all know my obsession with the EMP building and I naturally had to take more jumping pictures here.
 We also spent a few days with my brother in Northern Washington. I could definitely see myself living here one day. We to the beach but it was freeeeeezing!
 We also did a little hike to the ocean (a different part of course!) It was awfully muddy.
 We found a beach wood tent and we looked for "turdys".
 Perfect time for a sunset.
 The next day we went to Whidby Island and crossed the only bridge that enters into it. It was raining the whole time we were there and when we looked at the radar, it was literally only over this little area. Love the Pacific Northwest! That morning Marti and I went to church and because of the area, we were technically on an island which was very exciting for Marti.

 After that we went over to Guemes Island to bike ride (you can rent bikes for free there!) and hike. We even got to take a fairy over!

la vista. 
 OK I didn't want to move this picture to the top, but this was an exhibit at the Experience Music Project Museum and I thought it was pretty applicable to my major =]
I really loved Washington! It was so lovely seeing my brother and he is such a good tour guide and we really got the ins and outs of the place. I'll be back!


What do I do when I have 4 huge assignments due next week? Update the blog!!!! Over spring break I got a little antsy for some crafting and I wanted something simple. So I made some shirts. This blog had this great refashion idea to cut shirts and sew the opposites together. I loved the idea so I got with my friend Marti and we made some matching shirts! I hate cutting, especially straight lines, so I was happy she was willing to do that part. I think they came out really successful and it was fun wearing them to class with Marti and getting some funny looks.