Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Twelve Apostles

Tasmania seems a bit bombarding to blog but it will be done!!!
The start of our journey.

Koala in action! This is at Kennett River. If you go up the road (which we did) you'll see more koalas than anywhere else basically. We saw about 20 (koalas are not as common as you think!) Mel, Mandy, and I were standing out of the sunroof of the car to get the best view.
Apollo Bay.
Maits Rest in the Otway Forest

Yes this cow was this close. They were all along the road. A lot of them were pregnant as well! A funny image. Scariest sign on earth.
Cape Otway Lighthouse from far away
Mikey trying to eat it. Clearly not trying too hard.

Bass Strait!Southern Ocean!
Cape Otway Lighthouse
The last animal to see in the wild!!! Echidna!

The rainbow wasn't lasting for too long and other tourists were taking too long!!!

My favourite apostle.
Sunday morning Leslea, Melody and I got up at 6 to see the sunrise at the 12 apostles. Not much of a sunrise but more of a lighting of the sky, but it was still neat to be there with no one else. On the way, though, Leslea had her first experience with ice on the road. She and her subaru handled it well. A kangaroo also jumped in front of the car! Luckily Les was going 60kmph rather than the suggested 100kmph so we didn't hit the poor thing.
Sooo much rain the night before created this waterspout!
It was SO COLD on Sunday. Wind and rain is not a good combo. So the stops were run out. Picture. Run back to the car. SO here is The Arch.
London Bridge.

Loch Ard Gorge. The only 2 survivors of the Loch Ard got married afterwards, according to Di. This is incorrect though.
We do love our jumping pics.

A cave.
Mandy all rugged up.