Monday, March 30, 2009

Capilano Suspension Bridge

After Vancouver we went to a suspension bridge about 20 minutes away. It was nice seeing a little bit of Canada and not just a city.

Old tiAn Aaron and Marisa totem!
At the beginning they give us these maps and if you get 6 stamps around the park, you get a certificate at the end. This is Aaron and me getting our first stamp!
Us and another tourist.

Don't fall in!
Maddy and Aaron
I always know how to ruin a picture.

Excited to get into the treetops
That is sideways.

BIg tree

Duckys on ice. We tried to get a video but it didn't work.

ooooooh boy!
Weather station
Caught in the act
Owlsie!Loooong bridge!

TREEEEES.Our finished maps with a totem.

just blending inMaddy and Aaron with their certificates!

THE border.
Home again home again..

Sunday, March 29, 2009


The Canadian border.
Vancouver city!
I don't really know why I took this...or decided to post it...
2010 OLYMPICS!!!
cool building.

The steam clock. Vancouver icon.
City from the pier.
Window shot!
Worst nightmare...bridge into and out of vancouver.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


On Wednesday Lis and I went to Seattle! (why does that keep coming up as a link? anyone know?) This is Pike Place! Where they throw the fish! I was quite disappointed; they only threw one fish while we were there and we didn't get a picture!

Random artwork in the middle of town. It's an umbrella if you couldn't tell. We got so lucky to get there on a sunny blue sky day and didn't need an umbrella!

This is Seattle Center. This is where all the museums are, a fairground, and of course the Space Needle. This tube sculpture provided me and Lis an awesome photo shoot! (Pirate anyone?)

Jumping pix. Always a requirement. This was Lis' first. Way to go!

We were lame and didn't want to pay a ridiculous price to go to the top, so these are the best pictures we got. (gahh! why the link!)

Spring time flowers!
Peace Garden. It says "may peace prevail on earth"
Experience Music Project. It is also a SciFi museum which was actually pretty fascinating.
We LOVED the experience music project! We almost didn't go but it was only12 bucks to go! They had some of the first guitars in there and the history of the guitar and bass. So neat!! They also have guitars, basses, keyboards, mixing tables, and percussion instruments to play. It taught you how to play too (I got bored with the teaching really fast!!) My favorite part was creating a band! You go on a mini stage and they play the music but you have the instrument in front of you so it looks like you're really performing. They give you a ticket to your concert after and you could by a DVD of you playing. A lot of fun! The guy working let me keep the pick so I didn't even need to buy a souvenir at the end! At one point I put my phone down walked away and "lost" it. I have never heard of anywhere else doing this but they texted my brother to try to find the owner and called my house! Thank you EMP!
I am in love with this picture. And this building.

Lis and me on the monorail. Not as exciting as I was expecting.
Mini space needle!

Hammering man of course!

First Starbucks!

I really enjoyed Seattle. It is a nice city with lots to do! I recommend it!