Sunday, November 4, 2012

san diego

I took a trip down to San Diego and it was the world's quickest trip. I went with 4 other sisters from my mission and I just love roadtrippin so much! We had a lot of fun in the car so that makes everything worth it. Here are my friend Jessie and me so happy to be there!!!
 We went to down to hear this fella's despedida. I served in his parents' branch when I was a missionary. He has the biggest testimony and I am so excited for him to be able to share that!!!!

 He will be missed. Of course we stopped by the battalion and I almost cried because of this Sister. She is Sister Johnson and why yes she is wearing my dress! Crazy huh! I wish we could have served together because I think we would have been great friends =]
 I decided to take a trip south of the border for a couple of hours. I took the trolley from Old Town (something I had never done on the mission) and just walked across. Weird. They didn't ask for my passaporte o nada.
 I met up with a long lost friend! Well kind of. This is Ginny. She is Helaman's (the boy I lived with this summer) girlfriend. I had skyped with her and knew everything about her so it was really fun to meet her!!!!
 Although TJ is very americanized, it was still so great to be speaking spanish and it's just the small differences of being in a different country that I love.
 Like these colored houses so close together. Oh how I miss Peru for this reason!
 We waited in line for 3 hours to get back across but it was worth it, for me atleast!!! That's one more country down!