Tuesday, February 5, 2013


While I was home in the summer, my parents and I took a day trip to Vermont and were tourists for a day. It was way fun!
First we went to the Cabot Cheese Factory. I love cheese. 
 Does it get any more New England than wicked sharp!
 Watching the curds and whey being separated.
 Being a cow.
 This is Montpelier, Vermont's capital. Can you see it hiding in there? Ohhh Vermont
 Next stop? BEN AND JERRY'S! QUE RICO! We were already pretty full after eating so much cheese, but there is always room for B&J!
 Does it get any better? No.

 Mini samples of the best mint ice cream in the world.

Brigham City Temple

I am really making up for lost time! About a month after the Brigham City Temple opened, a couple of friends and I headed through the canyon to see it. All we did was sealings, but it was very beautiful being inside the House of the Lord

This is the Brigham City Tabernacle. I thought it was so cute!

My roommate MaryJane

My friend Ali

I love blue/white contrast!
I'm glad that I have such great friends that want to do such great things with me!


One of my best friends and companion from the mission got married a few weeks ago. This is my first companion's wedding that I have been able to attend and am so grateful that I was able to. 
 Beautiful Salt Lake Temple

 The group looking down at the happy couple!

 Another companion of mine and me! She just got engaged too!
 Forever companions
 This is why I love her =]
Doing her hair for the reception. She has since moved to Chicago and I miss her already, but I also love knowing that I have friends in all sorts of places! Love you Megan!


I haven't been skiing since before my mission and I finally went last Saturday. My roommate and I just went to Beaver Mountain, the ski resort just up the road from Logan. It's not the greatest skiing as far as Utah goes, but it was essentially my first time going there.
It was so so so refreshing being outside in the beautiful sunshine that Logan has been lacking and getting exercise in a very liberating way.

MaryJane and me on the lift!

Our last run consisted of laying in the snow and making snow angels and enjoying the sweet sweet sunshine. 

I didn't realize I had missed skiing sooo much. I hope I will be able to go again this season, but if I don't, atleast I will have this perfect skiing day to remember! Thanks MJ!

little monster!

I made a monster! I regretfully say that I can't find the link to the pattern I used...but it was pretty basic. I had never done something like this with little details like the eyes or the mouth. I even dumbed it down because I struggle so much. I enjoyed making the mouth though! It didn't take me too long, but I do like the fabrics that I used (the back is basically a red version of the front. I used it for the wallet I made a while back). I'm still getting used to make little stuffed things; it is certainly not my forte. One day!