Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another headband!?

Shocking, I know. And you can barely see it. I saw this pattern and really liked the 2 different fabrics and that you can see both of them. I wish it was a little longer so the tie could be longer, but it still works! Now to find something to match with it...!


I was in desperate need for a new broach. The sweater had a tacky label on it so I wanted to cover it up. When I was on my mission, my nametag covered it perfectly! But I'm not allowed to wear that anymore. So last semester I whipped this one up. It is a terrible picture of both the broach and me. Deal wit it.

baby sling

OK last Christmas pressie! My sister wanted to make little baby slings for the children. We made three of these little guys! I had never done pleating before, so it was a little more challenging than it may look. My sister babysits two other girls so that's where the other two are. My niece was so excited when she opened the present that she grabbed a doll, put it in, got a very serious face on and did a lap around the house. Being a mom is serious work! It was very very cute.

matching headbandz

Another thing I made for Christmas was matching headbands for my sister and her two daughters. Pictured is only one of her daughters (obviously), but they were pretty cute all wearing them!

crayon rollll

This is an old project. I made this for my niece for Christmas. OK fine. Santa did, since it ended up in her stocking. If you look closely, you can see where i divided the green into little sections for the crayons to go and then you roll it up! Simple! I have other projects but I haven't taken pictures yet. Soon though!