Thursday, January 29, 2009


I've lived in Utah for 2 1/2 years now and I still chuckle at the mormon town names. My friend Michael, her boyfriend Michael, and I decided to go to Nephi last say we've been there. Not a happening town. At all. But we found our own fun! They had found some cameras at DI and we took lots of "old looking" pictures with them. Unfortunately, I only had my digital so that's what you get =]Fair grounds..a bit different from Sandwich Fair.!

OOOOH yes.
A random tractor.
We were trying to find the visitor's center. We ended up finding this log cabin.

I fell in...
The only motel in Nephi. Closed down.

Loose cow!!! It came right next to us.

Oh yes. Oh OH Oh yes.

The result.
The end.

Covered Bridge!

Meg and I went for a drive one day and came across this covered bridge around Tamworth. Naturally we had to play on it!
Climbing up..

The river underneath us.
She climbed the whole thing!

Surprise surprise..jumping pictures. There's about 50 of these, all looking like the 2 I posted. We didn't get one good shot. Bummer!

Can someone tell me what a bear dog is?

I love NH!

Rattlesnake Mountain

After being away from New Hampshire for 8 months, I was very eager to see the outdoors again with all the lakes and trees everywhere. My friend Meg and I decided to hike Rattlesnake Mountain and ski down it! It was the night after a big storm so we were the first ones to touch the new snow.At the bottom of the trail.

Waist deep pow! That did not make it easy to walk up in though!

OK-we didn't make it to the top; it was so much work even getting to the first ledge! But you can still see the lake and I love the fact that trees are in the way.

I can't resist!

Our big downhill slope!
Meg decided she wanted to climb this ledge and ski down it.. Right after I took this, she did a HUGE tumble down the rest of that. It was pretty funny, and even better, she didn't get hurt!

I probably wouldn't ski down Rattlesnake again, but possibly another mountain next time I'm home!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Forever ago I went to California with my friend Jessie. These are just some pictures from the journey. She was asleep for most of the journey, so sorry about the crooked pictures!These mountains are my favorite mountains along the Wasatch Front. They are just north of Ogden.

I love the Salt Flats!

Welcome to Wendover!
Sunset on I-80. And a very dirty windshield!
My favorite part of the journey! On the way back we took a detour to Lake Tahoe! Jessie was asleep so there was no stopping me.! I was really thrown off by the trees! I had forgotten what they looked like!

Ahhh! I love it!
Don't mock my outfit; I was driving for 13 hours!

Back through the Sierra Mountains..