Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Melbourne Tourist

Last Saturday Di and I played tourist for the day and went around Melbourne!
This picture is for you Jessie. Victoria Market.
Gog. And. Magog. They ring their bells on the hour. We missed it by a minute.
I love yarn!
Flinders St of the stops on the city loop.

Baha. Police car. Federation Square in the background. Fed Square is where the art museum is. Melody wants to have a scavenger hunt here for her birthday. I wish I could go!
Those Australians are so witty. But they do know how to make a mean fry!
Yarra River. The silver building on the left is the Eureka Tower.
MCG in the background. (where they play footy!)
I liked this tree.
About to go up!!

Phillip Bay
Yarra River. Looks clean eh?
The MCG and where they have the Australian Open!!!
The city, Fed Sq, Flinders St,
On a train. It says Melbourne Central. I like saying it with an Australian accent. Well, I like saying all the stations with her accent.
The longest escalator in the Southern Hemisphere!!!!

We helped find a cure.

That night we went to a show. Mark Kozelek was singing (from Sun Kil Moon and other bands as well) He was very good but I started feeling very sick about half way through and am still suffering from that cold!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Judah's birthday!

Judah's birthday present was this camera!!!
Miranda surfing.
Melody surfing (and can I just add that this reminded me way too much of last summer when I pulled little girls around on a surf board on the back of my kayak?)

The lot!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

phillip island

Well first things first, I got a haircut. Without planning it, I get the same haircut every time I come to Australia. Port Phillip Bay. (In the bay we gettin' hyphy?)
Walking around on Phillip Island. Melody stole my camera. She takes some good pictures though so I did not complain!


Black swans. Right after this, an old lady had pulled over and asked us if we wanted to see a kookaburra! She had rescued it and the vets said that she could take it home to help it get better (clearly this was not the first kookaburra she had saved) and so she let us pet it. So soft!
What we thought was the blow hole

Seal Rocks.
Blow hole before...
Almost there...
We weren't allowed to take pictures of the penguins but they were very cute! They would come up in groups and walk half way up the beach and then run back into the ocean. Twice though a penguin would be too apprehensive and not make it to the other side of the beach with the group! One went on his own and I think the other found another group.