Sunday, May 18, 2008

photo shoot!

We've been taking pictures of Delilah to show mom and dad the outfits that they bought her and the outcome was some pretty funny pictures!

After that picture was taken, they realized how I suddenly become asian while taking pictures so I had to do a full on one.. We had her run to the camera to get the full shot. So she's not really crying.
And because LaLa loves me so much, she thought she would be Asian too :]]

On a side note, the second day I was here, we came down to Torquay and they drank blue water and this was the outcome.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'm officially moved down to Torquay, although not officially unpacked. That'll be never. I never know how to pack for 4 months. It's hard. Looking back at my blog though...I realized that I completely missed talking about Thursday!! Me, Les, and Rob went into the city again to get my birth certificate and to just see what was going on. We got off the train at the new and improved Southern Cross Station (formerly Spencer St Station) so here I am under the new roof:We got my birth certificate (boring...but didn't take too long). We then walked around a few blocks and they took me to their favourite alley way (a lot of alley ways in Melbourne have cute little clothing stores and cafes) so here I am there:We THEN went over to the Art Museum right next to the Yarra River and saw an exhibition of Sidney Nolan. He is from St Kilda and is most famous for his "Kelly" paintings. Very Picassoish but his later stuff is beeeutiful in a very different way. Simply amazing! We also went into the Top Arts exhibition. This is grade 12 students' artwork. Ohmygoodness. It is unbelievable. It's so not my medium so I think that just adds to the amazingness. But my favorite was Leo Bagus Purnomo's, who made a human out of bark with way deep meaning. Just fan.tastic. All of were kind of pooped after that so Les and I headed back and made some more food for the trip. A wonderful little day trip into the city which will be repeated when I go back!

The past 2 days I have been in Toquay. It has been very relaxing and just catching up with this family and trying to organize myself. I need to look for a job soon but I think a little relax time is good. Oh! So I've been meaning to work out and get fit for a while now but have been too lazy. But I am motivated now! I've told Bek all about my plan and she's in on it too. We're going to cycling, swimming, or running (ok ok power walking) everyday. AND they have Wii Fit which is amazing. So a mix of those two things and although I won't be coming back tan this summer, I will be coming back fit!!!

Delilah is adoooorable. She calls me mummy. But then again she calls Rob dada too soooo...She loves giving kisses and being held and I'm OK with both of those things! Today she puked all over me. I should have been expecting it sooner or later. Judah and I bond over Wii. He was helping me today with Galaxy and loves doing WiiFit as well. (We all know how much I love watching people play vid games!). Josh took me downtown today and to an overlook over the ocean. It is beautiful. I almost went swimming today the air was so warm. But everyone says the water is way cold, and I didn't have my bathers anyway. Maybe tomorrow.!

Monday, May 12, 2008

wilson's prom

This past weekend, Les' family and I went camping down at Wilson's Prom! Some friends of their friends came as well so there was 9 of us all together. I took tons of photos of all the natural beauty which will now be posted.

Here is me, Mel, and Mandy in the back seat waiting to head off the 4 hour trek to the Prom! We made one bathroom break and stopped at Fish[y] Creek for lunch. We ate at and everything inside was cows, and flying ones at that! I felt like I was at Megan's house again. The food was great and half way through our meal, a goat tried joining us! Rob told the workers that a goat was trying to come in and they said it happens all the time and returned the goat to his owner.
We finally arrived and the weather was a bit overcast but still a comfortable temperature.

We decided to go down to Tidal River which goes right into the ocean. All of the water that the camp uses comes from this river, so we had to use it sparingly!We were surrounded by jellyfish!They didn't mind chilling on the shore waiting for high tide. Luckily you could still walk barefoot and not get stung!

That is one of my favorite pictures. Miranda begging Melody for the binocs. Pretty much defines their relationship.

Miranda wrote my name in the sand and then that became the trend. We eventually made a crossword of all of our names together. I would have needed an aeroplane to take a picture of the whole thing!

That night we went on a little nighttime walk around. And we came across lots of Australian wildlife! We saw 3 or 4 wombats and I even almost tripped over one! I was so scared, even though they look very harmless!!! We also saw a possum (which also scared me half to death- they're creepy in the dark!)

That night after we had gone to bed, I was suddenly woken up by 2 big THUDS. It was poor Melody falling off the top bunk! She didn't hurt anything luckily but it was really scary!

The next day we went on a little bush walk called Lilly Pilly Gully. It was one big loop with a boardwalk towards the end.

Tree Brush!

That's Luca. He is HILARIOUS. And also BRILLIANT. He wanted me to take a picture of the hole but then got distracted while I took the picture.
Luca took this picture. I unfortunately forget the real name, but the girls used them in their hair as brushes and curlers. At one point it even became a bum curler. I don't really know how that happened..
Here is a huge tree that has fallen down and we are standing on the roots! How cool!
This is a big tree hollowed out. And now here comes the highlight of Lilly Pilly Gully!

Here's the boardwalk that we walked around. A s we began walking on this, some people who had just finished the loop told us to look up when we got to the middle, we kept our eyes pealed only to find...A real live koala in the wild!!!! Unfortunately it was very shy and hurriedly scooted backwards to get into a part of the tree where we couldn't bother him. But for those brief moments, we saw something that you really don't see everyday!

We then drove about half way up Mt Oberon and even from there it was a beautiful view of Wilson's Prom.

This day's scare was Miranda getting lost. None of us knew she was lost until she came crying back to the hut. There was a misunderstanding about where she was supposed to go so she started walking around by herself and finally found her way back.

The next day me, Mel, Les, and Rob took a little hike to Squeaky Beach! Before that, we went to Tidal River again and having a good time. Luca was crossing in a little bit of water and we look away for one second and then we look back and he's up to his knees! Oh wait! His waist! Oh no! His chest!! Leslea jumped in and saved him at that point. It was happening so fast we didn't really know what to do! He was fine, just a little frightened. On our hike to Squeaky Beach, we saw lots of birds including kookaburras.

Here it is! Squeaky Beach is not named that for no reason. It actually squeeks! It sounds like sneakers on a basketball court. Very strange. And the reason is because all of the sand is the same size and shape so when they rub together it's like marbles rubbing together. COOL!
Our last day started with crimson rosellas on our porch! I should mention that the night before we had a possum on our porch too!

Mel had some fish but he was only interested in human food!

While we were eating lunch outside, birds were SWARMING all over us! We were wacking them left and right to protect our delicious potato cakes and chips. A few birds made it to the table but the best part was when on landed on Les' head and she was screaming "get it off get it off get it off!" and we just watched and laughed.

We tried leaving, but this darn bird was not having any of that. He was not going to move from that mirror.

We even reversed out of the parking lot and he stayed on! Finally he flew away. It was one of the funniest things all weekend. (Sorry the video is sideways!)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Well Oh My Gosh. Tonight we went to Toff in Town- a restaurant/bar in Melbourne. Pretty fancy. Delicious food, even better dessert. But then in another part of the bar a few bands were playing. First were The Sly Hats. A guitar and a keyboard. The keyboardest could be best friends with Bill Gates and the guitarist looked like he stepped out of 1990. But he could sing. And play guitar. And keyboard. They rocked. They even had a beat machine for the drums. And their bass player was missing because he was at someone's first communion. Presh.

The next band was The Motifs. I had checked them out before to see if they were any good and quite enjoyed them. So the curtain opens and there are literally 4 teenagers standing in front of us. They were all very nervous and their stage presence was not that good. 2 keyboardists, a guitar player, and a drummer. You know I can't resist me some keyboard! So they played. Each song was about 45 seconds long. Each song had clapping. But I loved their oooh's and aaah's. AND they had light up tamborines. I need to get one!

All in all, what I got out of this experience was that there is still hope for me! That if these nerds can make it, so can I! We just need to get some lyrics going and we'll be awesome! And listening to beginner bands gives me ideas as to where I want to go with my band? Or just musical pursuits.
Well yesterday the big excitment was going bowling! It was a lot of fun and I finally bowled over 100! (I got 101) but Melody was a close second (99). Miranda did well with 73 (better than I usually bowl) so I was very proud. I worked again and I am getting pro at the movie shop. It rained wicked hard yesterday and Les is trying to tell me there's a dought here! Today I was finally allowed to take a nap! Because we're going out tonight and I didn't want to fall asleep! We're going to this restaurant and bands play there all the time and tonight the Motifs are playing. I'm very excited! Les and I went to the supermarket today to buy food for this weekend.

We've been playing mad libs lately. Why is this the funniest game ever! The girls got their school pictures today-so cute! I think that's all for now.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Yesterday was quite an eventful day! Woke up at 645 (booo) and got ready normally. Went over to Les' and had breaky. (man i love meusli) and was thinking about relaxing. But nooo! I worked! Rob asked if I wanted to spend a few hours at the video shop and I said sure!! So if I don't find a job in Torquay I always have this to lean back on. Excellent!

After that we were going to MikeyDi's for dinner and Rob let me drive!!! It was pretty much a straight shot there-not many turns to think about what side of the road I should stay on. But Rob said everytime I turn on the windshield wipers instead of the turning indicator that I owe him a dollar. And so far it's stayed at that-one dollar. Not so bad!

Dinner at Mikey's was deeelicious! And I had tim tams. mmMMMmmm!

Don't really know what I'm doing today. We shall see what the day brings! Also, I started singing flaming lips the other day and Miranda chimes right in. I love this girl.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

first days here

So I'm in Australia and figured this would be the easiest way to document my every move. I've been here for a few days and I've just missed being somewhere else. The little things I notice are what makes this so cool. The light switches are different. How you flush a toilet is different. Obviously a big one, but driving on the opposite side of the road. The road signs. It's just wonderful!

Being with family is wonderful as well. My nieces haven't changed a bit, which makes me feel a little better-like I haven't missed 2 years of their lives.

Yesterday I went to Torquay and saw Josh and his family. I'm excited to be living there this summer. I saw the house they are building; it's pretty fantastic. Delilah is adorrrable and Judah is Judah.

All in all, this will be an amazing summer even if I'm not getting tan and I'm not going to make any money (ALTHOUGH if I DO get a job, minimum wage is something like 15 dollars/ hour and exchange rate is about equal right now..woohoo!) We all know I'm about experiences and not the money though (cough*camp lokanda*cough)