Friday, January 29, 2010

Letter 12

I love when oliver reads my letters. He says my name differently now though...
I am so excited to call you in 11 days! So much to say probably yet why can't I write letters. And yessss more pictures coming!
I got my FLIGHT PLANSSS! Yesterday. Nov 24 830am. But my Elders leave mon/tues. But I'm way stoked for VC training . And I get to see my T.S. friends too!!!
I've really been working on my virtue. Thoughts are so hard to control and it's not just not thinking about others but keeping my thoughts focused on our task! Kind of like me with this letter!
So my biggest fears for the field are understanding what they're saying to me. I just can't do it! I talk to natives all the time and gah.
In other news, I love talking to ppl though. I had no idea I was such a talker! I can see it helping at the MB though for sure.
Oh I met 4 elders going to NH! 2 are spanish speaking! Weird, huh! But I was thinking that I'll be home and they might be in my ward still! I'm sad I don't get to talk to my elders for 6 months after I get back!
I have Lobster Magnet in my head. Wue en el mundo! OK. I'm talking nonsense. I love you. I pray for you (my spanish prayers are much better!)Your life is so blessed. I use your Shane job paying tithing story cuz I feel like I don't have any tithing stories of my own
Auntie RahRah Hermana Jay

letter 11/6 Nov 09 (I think 10 was supposed to go after this one)

How in the dickens are you. I feel like being weird right now. Lo siento. I LOVED the vids on my camera. I miss that boy SO MUCH! And porker jr! I want to eat her up!
So we took these language assessments where we talk and answer questions in spanish and I got a 5.22/7. My pronounciation hurt me. I'm not surprised. It was wicked stressful though. We had a minute-ish to think of an answer but it doesn't count for anything but it was good learning. I'm pretty good friends with 2 Hnas de Peru who are learning English. They are so darn cute! I'll make a video when I send my other camera card in spanish k? We get to talk so soon! It'll be a weird day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVER! Ahh! I can't believe he's 2!
I am so happy about your referral! How's it going! I should have known he was ready. I love that the Lord is preparing people to accept the gospel everyday. This week I got EXTRA pumped to visitor center it. I can do that. I've already come out of my shell a little here. I say Hi to everybody. And I just love getting to know people. And I also got psyched to teach in Spanish. I can do it. I know I can. Not well at this point, but very soon. The field is WHITE. Well keep praying. Don't be shy about it! I always am! Basta de eso! We got new Hnas in the zone this week -remember, I'm in charge!-and I feel close to them already. One of them came to me crying last night :( And me being me started tearing up too. Well I don't know where the PDays go. I looked for something for Ollie in the bookstore but nothing. Don't think I don't love him!
So Elder Cooper has a 4 year old bro and he had a pic of him and Elder Cooper and he says "I just wanna kiss that Riley boy!" I think it's the cutest thing ever.
Ok that's all. You're great. I love you a lot. And your chillins. It was good to hear your voice in the vid.
Hermana Johnson

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

letter 10 11/20/09

My sister.
This week has been the best and worst of being here. It's been the worst only because I have lost my elders. They are in the field. Which I am happy about, but it's hard being here without them. I'll start with Sun.
I decided to fast to see how god sees me because I just forget sometimes how special I am. So I go to RS and Kristen Oaks came (Elder Oak's wife) and it was just amazing because she talked about testimony and that part of our testimony needs to be how much our Heavely Father loves us. So OK. Perfect. And she gave all of us testimony gloves. Sweet. So the day goes on and we have distric meeting which I usually hate and did hate at the beginning but we then decided to go around and say our favorite things about eachother. And after every person it just got more serious and mroe personal and I was lucky enough to go last. And it was as if they knew what I was fasting for or something because it was exactly what I needed to hear.
Some highlights... Elder Soffe said he really considered me a sister and they all said that they loved how I was always happy and smiley. elder Cooper, whose opinion I value more thatn anyone here, said something touching and started tearing up chich of course got me going. And my fave was E barker who said that the first time he saw me in the Temple he knew that I was an angel. And I know that that was christ talking and not E Barker. It was just so perfect. We were all in tears by the end and tried singing "god Be with you..." but yikes. It was painfully touching and hilaruious.
Then we had the fireside (which everyone in the MTC attends) and THATS where I played the special music with Elder Lim. Hie to Kolob. It went really well. Like srsly. People have been coming up to me all week. And guess who spoke. Your favorite, Sheri Dew. Uh huh. And she spoke about how important it is to know who we are listen to our personal revelation. It was PERFECT. I then got a blessing from E Cooper and it was touching to get a blessiong from him. We went to the movie and just kind of bore our testimonies via not passing. And of course started crying. Because he was leaving that night and he was my BEST friend here. And I still miss him so much. He went to Dakin's mish. But he's amazing. OK. Enough of him.
The next day was very...unproductive. It was the rest of the Elders last day so we jsut kinda stuck together. And I had to say goodby to them which was still hard. Jess. They are like my family. It was almost harder or just as hard saying goodby to them than saying goodbye to you. I spent EVERYday with them for the past 2 months. And because I was the only Hna, I got extra close with them. Mah. And every day since then they have given me little notes of inspiration (kind of like PS I Love You) and I Cry everytime I get one.
So anyway. My training. OH PS. I'm sad, I'll be talking to you probs before you get this. Oh well. Don't throw this away.
My training! It's different. 25 hnas. Yikes. NOT 7 elders et moi. ha. But I'm still so happy with my call. I can do this stuff. I love getting to know ppl and meeting ppl. Last night I had TRC and it went really well. I have 2 companions de Peru y Ecuador. It has been SO HELPFUL with random frases and accents and gah. It's been so great. And I go to Temple Square manana!
But srsly Jess. My testimony grows everyday and my fears and doubts are leaving everyday. I learn more about the Savior and Atonement everyday and it gives me such strength. I encourage you to strengthen your testimonyh everyday. It's easy to sit back and be satisfied but it's so much better to be active!
Ohmygoodness. go to media. LDS videos. Scripture stries. Watch them. Esp man with evil spirits in NT and David and Goliath in OT. awesome. hahaha.
OK I think I've done a pretty good job here. And my pen is dying. You're so great. You're still and example to me everyday.
Sometimes I remember that Shane was baptised by Hnas. I would love th ehear his conversion story. cough cough.
Ok LOVE infinity haha. Talk to San Diego...boyyyy!
Hna RahRah
ps love the hand turkeys :):):)

week 8

Hermana my love.
Bojour to you too. Har Har. HOw are you? I hope you are so happy. You have a great life. I really look up to you. El Evangelio bendice la familia. Hay mas paz y amor y gozo cuando el evangelio es en el hogar. Una dia enere una familia tambien.
Yay baby blessing! I think she's actually my child. What does she look like? Can I be her godmother? Can we be Catholic? Can I be mroe ridiculous?
It's been said that the more you learn about the atonement, the more you want to share your testimonyetc. And I'm finding that to be true. Because my friends of highschoolness know/knew nothing about the Church. But I want to tell them. My testimony grows so much every day. I can't even tell you. I always find things to work on-dilligence, obedience, spelling, haha. I've really been working on peace in my life. I just need to CALM down sometimes. So many comforting scriptures. And songs. Will you listen to Animal Collective for me? I miss them the most right now. BOO colds. I get morning sickness I swear. Maybe it's my brekkie food choices. Oatmeal and grapefruit? Deadly. Apparently.
Perry Pie was here on Tues. He kinda reminds me of grandpa.
Not much uplifting for you tis week. But know I'm happy this week. The challenges are still here, but I can't learn these things anywhere else but here. I was put in this distric for obvious reasons. OH! I had two roommates from Japan this week. They are so cute :) And I learned a few words... doy dash ee mash day=you're welcome. And I talked to Peruvians last night. Muy helpful. I am really happy right now! Elevangelio trae felicidad. We're teaching the 2nd lesson en espanol this week.
Tell Denisse I say hello.
Keep talking about me to Oliver. Does Lily know me yet? Get on that:)
Much amor. besos. USted sabe te quiero!
Hermana Johnson

week 7

Mi hermana favorita!
I'm not writing in Spanish today. Too lazy. boo. And sorry for overloading you. Even I feel overwhelmed. There is so much good literature! But good about FHE. And that you're having it.
We're not thinking about letters in the future. That is SO FAR AWAY! over a month, actually a month from manana! Woooo!
I miss Cape Cod potato chips. Send me some.
This week has been hard. I forgot how emotional I get. You know exactly what Imean. but. I know all of these experiences here are preparing me for something either during the mission or in my life. It's hard being the only hermana. Yes my comp left so I'm the only mna in the classroom/distric. My roomies are in my zone so I do a lot with them and technically they're my companions. But I teach with Elders. An experience I will only have here so I have to take advantage, right?
Hooray for double stroller! I can't. nevermind. Maybe let Oliver type to me next time, huh? boo colds. How have I not gotten sick yet?
Well this week I've really been working on calming myself. I realized why I'm a little unhappy here and its cuz I don't have music OR a guitar to play. I feel emotionally stuck. So I decided to write a song. With Psalm 46 in ti. It's a work in progress.
Evertime I wanna quote something, I sa "cod wod" and it's becoming less and less each day. I guess I based my life a little too much around quoting movies! OK I guess that's all we really ever say to eachother.
OK out of time. LOVE.

week 6

Mi Hermanita-
I feel like you get the shaft letters so I'm writing you first so I'm not just writing stuff.
Again. gracias por sus cartas. Son muy apreciado (?)
Gracias por los fotos en facebook; y padre en FB!? Quen en el mundo! Diga Michael Worseman que estoy haciendo. Y su uh...address...
This week has been busy busy. And loca. I don't have any companions! I live with girls and walk around with girls in my zone, but I teach with Elders. I was with 2 new ones this week wich was MUCHO MEJOR (much better). They actually care about what they're doing. So things are going much better. The Elders are much better tambien. No hay problemas. I was just way too overwhelmed with losing a companion and just everything. It won't happen again. So yeah. I have a problem. Since I only have Elders I have no one to really talk t. because we're not allowed to have any kind of relationship (Meaning even friendship) with them. So it sucks. And I get along with this one elder SO WELL. And I struggle not talking to him. Who knew that woudl be the hardest thing for me.
I gave my first lesson in spanish AYER (Yesterday.)Just the first 3 principios though. It's not bad. I know I know the stuff, I just neeed to relax and believe in myself. OH Hay (there are) 12 sealing room s in the Provo Templo. Thought you'd like that.
I enjoyed the FB comments. Do I look like a missionary? Baha.
My roomates left this week and I'm still sad. I really enjoyed them. but when I do my VC training I get to go to Temple Square and hopefully I'll see them!!!
Lily is a fatty! Mom sent me a pic of her NOT in the hospital and she has eyes! LOL what does she look like now? Oliver looks so different already. I've been here exactly a month today:) Over a month to go still :\ Weird challenges here, I tell ya.
Well here's something maybe uplifting. At Devo the other night he talked about the importance of using the BOM all the time and starting the investigatiors from the beginning and not some random chapter. The Spirit is here all the time. All devos, class lectures, district meetings, etc are for ME directed for me! It's way good. Its prob just the spiriting telling me though. I'm glad I'm also a dino (Oliver's word for Marisa and Dinosaur is the same)I miss those days. And SO SAD about Friendlys [burning down]!
Well I'm praying for you. And I have a challenge for you. I want you to bear your testimony to 3 of your non member friends. You will help the missionaries out and you'll be supporting me, and the Lord will bless you with an answer to a question you've been pondering over. I hope you're still reading and praying! Feast upon the words too! Muchos besos para mis sobrinos. Quiere mas espanol en sus cartas? Es muas rapido para escribir en ingles. jaja.
The pic is how they know that I'm a solo lamer sister. muy triste. (she sent me a pic of herself frowning and poiniting to the word SOLO on her nametag!)
Love you!
LOVE your fam!
Hermana Jay

week 5

Dear Seester,
Como esta? Estoy asi asi. La pasada semana fue dificil. No me gusta estar la solomente hermana en el districto! Los elderes no son amable. Mis nuevos "companeros" son Elder Cooper y elder Gorrell. Es muy muy dificil. Pero se que si trabajo mucho, bedecire. El Plan de salvacion es dificil ensenar ye Elder Gorell habla MUCHO. Entonces, no hablo mucho en la leccion y Elder Cooper no habla nunca. Hahaha. Jajaja. OK done. My elders were so mean and rude this week that I stomped out of class the other night and cried. Things have been better since then.
I wish I had slept through conference! Ok, not really at all. But it's hard work taking all of that in at once! Did you watch Music and The Spoken Word on Sunday? It made me want to learn organ. Again.
I'm learning lessons. And lessons in Spanish. I can teach the 1st 5 principles in Spanish but it takes me a while to get my thoughts and sentences together. I encourage you to read Preach My Gospel. There really is so much helpful knowledge in there and not just about missionary work. I know if you read from it and study, your testimony will grow and you'll have a desire to share the gospel too.
Some girls going to SD English are in the traingin right now and they said it's OK. Just a diff way to teach lessons. But yeah. Just at the end of my trainging will I get that week. And I'll get a field trip to Temple Square! Woo!
You really are a great mom. Oliver is so polite and smart and fun. Keep it up.
YOU ARE LAME NO SANDWICH FAIR! OH baby. I say Oh Kakee a lot (Oliver's word for yucky) and I go OH gracias a lot too (OK, Oliver starts everything with "Oh") Hnstly. necesito fotos pronto! Well keep praying for me. I need them already. Also you should read in the Bible more. There's some good stuff in there! And read Jusus the Christ! Not enough time to read it all! OK, I love you! I miss talking to you all the time! I hate that my mind is everywhere on PDay and my letters suck. I hope you enjoyed my pics. So yeah, I'm up to 5 companions already. 4 more next week. Oh, to be a solo sister! OK, I love you of course.
Hna Johnson

week 4

Hello my sister-

I hope you ask M&D-Mom and dad, not MikeyDi- what my letters say because I just can't repeat everything! So I'll just respond to what you've said. Also. I love your letters. I love the rambling. I need it. OK! I've started making a list of things I want to write so I'll actually remember by the end of the week.

My teacher is preggo and she's been married since May. She said it wasn't planned.

I miss Where's Waldo. Just say it next time so then you could post it. And add that you got funny looks. It makes it more MLIA (my life is average-its a website, very funny)

Well Oliver, Yoo Yoo (I love you) back. Mwahhh. Yo necesito picturas! (I need pictures)

Keep up the moving talk Shane! Of course I'll move in! When UNH gets my program!

And way to go Oliver and his naps! He is wicked smart. No denying it.

Oh my pictures!

Cliche map picture.

And my district, who I will describe now.

From L: Elder Chang-district leader and then elder Soffe who is awesome but does teh missionary thumbs up. I hate it haha. I want to be paired with them. Then Elder Cooper and Elder Gorrell. Polar opposites and obvious. If I wasn't on a mission, I would be in love with Elder Cooper. He's going to Dakin's Mission. (Osorno, Chile) Yo y mi companera. Then elder read and Elder Whitehead. Elder Whitehead is so bad at Spanish. But he wants it so it's great. And Elder Read is my other fave. But they're going to Guate. on Tues too. :( Elder Barker and Elder Lim. Elder Barker is from Maine, a theatre major, and looks like the guy from Rattatouille. Look it up. They are besties. It's cute.

So that's that. I love them. They take our trays at lunch and stand up everytime we walk in the room. All of them are goign to Anneheim.

Sorry if I repeat myself. Who knows what I write about!


Hermana Johnson

week 3/ 25 Sept 2009

Hello H.S. (Hermana Sangria)
My email was lame. It's so stressful emailing!
That's crazy aobut Harry Potter! (a Harry Potter look alike in my ward who got called to the same mission as his brother) Thats when you're like "I know this call is inspired and not random."
If I was home, I would play with Oliver. We taught "investigators" the other day and we had a lady and she brought her three kids. GOOD learning experience for sure! (investigators is in quotes because the MTC has church members come in and pretend to be investigating the church so that the missionaries can practice their lessons/new language/social skills)
I don't think I've learned any new Spanish. Except balar. haha. and awesombrero.
I told Shane I want you guys moved by the time I get back. Let's see if he follows through...! Sorry about my handwriting. I'm tired. Provo Temple is so nice inside, but def has a 70s retro look.
Did I say something about Alma? My letters aren't very uplifting-my notes aren't with me. But it's like we're at a leadership conference-lots of inspiring talks :)
Omner-no. Himni-no. (I suggested these as baby names, I guess she didn't approve :))
I straighten my hair all the time. I'm becoming quite the lady! Or hermana I guess.
I feel so boring! We do the same things everyday-except in a different order.
I hope my teaching goes better today! Well I can't really think of anything else. I'm still in Helaman haha. we only get 1/2 hour of reading a day. And we have personal study but that's used for PMG! (Preach My Gospel) Y espanol!
Maybe one day I'll learn about my visiting Center protion. Or meet someone going SD Spanish speaking. Una dia...
OK DONE DOOOOONE! (Her best Oliver impression)
Tiene una buenisima semana! (Have a great week!)
da mis sobrinos muchos besos!(Give my niece and nephew lots of kisses!)
Hermana Johnson

week 2/ 19 September 2009

Mi Hermanaaaaaaaaa Sangriaaaaaaaaaaa,
tengo muchas hermanas aqui pero no hermanas sangrias! ja ja. (I have many sisters here, but no blood sisters! ha ha.) Thank you for your letter. I would like one once a day. Not too much to ask right? haha. I told mom a lot of stuff so I guess just ask her. But I still know nothing about the mormon battalion. awesome. leave me in the dark. I met a few english sisters going there but it was in brief so I still didn't find out anything. My compy is going to Nicaragua. fun fun. Food is alright. Edible. Choices. But I'm a boring eater is what it comes down to. I really just love a bagel for breaky and pb&j for lunch and somthing easy for dinner. I WOULD LIKE MORE TEE SHIRTSSS. srsly. Hnas wear them all the time. What we thought wouldn't be allowed. Maybe that was mom. I need a simple dress. Look online for "jody" dresses. and laugh. and then realize how easy they are to slip on and not worry sabout matching.
How is little Lily? How was Aaron's visit? Is he gone? Time moves so slowly here and everyone says it's cuz I'm still new. I hope so! I'm learning a lot. I can pray and bear testimony in Spanish and meet people and lead into a tesitmony or whatever. And we start teaching on Wednesday. But en ingles. My companion is so strong which is what I needed so it's good good very good. And she likes Sufjan [Stevens]. I mean come on! haha.
I miss Oliver, but try not to think about him cuz it's still hard. haha. see me tearing up right now.
My prayers are so lame because they told us to pray only in spanish and I can't go into detail so it takes me like 10 minutes to say a prayer. boo. My district is good. We will be good. We're the only girls.
I really don't have much more. We get to nap on P days AND Sundays. Love it. I'm still thinking in french a lot but I'm working on NOT doing that.
I think I saw david Carlson today. I yelled his name but he didn't look so I don't really know.
The other girls in my room are going to Temple Square.
Ok, I'm going to email dad real fast so have a great day. Give the little ones lovies para mi! Miss you love you and I am praying for you eve if its "mi familia" in general haha.
ok. write soon!

week 1

Hola mi hermana-
Tienes un email y una lettra! (made up?)
I had things to say but I remember nothing now...Querido Padre Celestial is Dear Heavenly Father! Hey! I'm learning!
Oh! My residence hall (not dorm so we don't go wild like we would in dorms...ha) smells like piano camp. I go back to it evertime I walk upstairs. I'm on the top floor. DT [Deseret Towers] anyone? Tell dad I will have this companera for the whole time. When I read mom's letter I though she had put Jakey down. Then I re-read and got alittle happier.
It is awesome that I get to wear this nametag. With Christ's name right below mine. Pressure!
Oh! I got like nice Spanish scriptures. I'm getting "Hermana Johnson" engraved on them
Haha, Lily's initials are lbs as in pounds. I bet she already looks so different! Es bueno. Es bueno [Marisa was present for Lily's birth but had to leave the next day for her mission]
In one of our Spanish books there are jokes in there which apparently are wicked lame. But what jokes aren't lame? And still appropriate.
Well my time has come. Hasta proxima(?) semana. Oh! Mi companera conoce Natania! [Natania was Marisa's first roomate at BYU] [conoce means knows] They went to Eastern Europe together of course!! on tour. OKKK. Tell Oliver I miss him in a way he'll understnad. Did he love Aaron?
My handwriting is wicked neat, ya jerk!
Tell Mike Cameron I'm loving it. All is well. Send me mints! No gum. Tell mom.
OK farewell for realz.
I looooooove you!
Hermana Johnson


Okay, now that I have Marisa's password, I can update the blog so that you can all read about her wonderful mission in San Diego. I will update with the week or date (some of the letters aren't dated) After this will be dated letters that I get from her every Monday. I will try to include pictures when I can, but she has a bad habit of sending her pictures to Mom instead of me!! These MTC ones are a little more personal but when she gets out to her mission, she starts sending letters that are more of an overview, so bare with these and their personal nature.