Saturday, September 12, 2009

Camera fun

As I said in a previous post, I got a new camera for my birthday! It has all of these fun settings on it and I was walking inside when I noticed my mom's beautiful garden so I decided to fiddle a little bit with the flowers.

Here are some flowers in normal color:
I put it on the sunset setting which adds a little red:
This also has the sunset setting on it.

Here are these flowers normal. I have a setting where I can make things skinnier or fatter.Skinny.....
And then just me playing with the focus.

I am really excited for more pictures with this!


My work friend Kevin LOVES steamboats. Once a year there is a Steamboat Show right on Winnipesaukee! My other two work friends and I went down and took a ride!

The boat I went in on the left and the boat his Grandpa built on the right.Side of Grandpa's.
A sweet steamboat. This whole time I was picturing the boat from Willy Wonka and everyone dressed in Mary Poppins attire.
I also got a new camera! It has a ton of fun settings and this one is film grain.
It was Hannah's birthday! And my camera had a birthday setting!
Sarah's daughter Sadie.
Another steamboat.
This reminded me of the scene in On A Golden Pond even though it's the wrong lake.
The engine.
Sarah looking at the water. She got to steer the boat too!
We got SUPER close to these loons! We heard them do their call too.
The front of the boat.
I got to blow the whistle! I was probably way too excited but I suppose that's not a shock.
Kevin. He's actually building his own steamboat right now!
Me Sadie and Hannah.
I am so glad I went! It was so fun and a great way to end my stay here in New Hampshire.


I didn't do as much hiking as I would have liked this summer but I did get some great shots!
First I went hiking with my friend Autumn somewhere on Chemung.

Chipmunk! And our trail?
We were supposed to see 4 ponds on the trail. this is the only one we saw.The top! Lake Wickwas.

I then went hiking with my mom up Rattlesnake. My camera died right at the top (of course) so I got one good shot! I love Rattlesnake because it's only a half hour hike and this is the view:

About a week later I went hiking across the street on Mount Morgan with Seth. He did not feel the need to take pictures of me so I have a few of him.
At the top there are ladders to climb and you have to squeeze through the cave! The only reason I wanted to do this hike.
The top! And sideways picture.
I am IN LOVE with New Hampshire!