Thursday, October 30, 2008

Idaho adventures

We went bouldering in Idaho! It was a lot harder than rock climbing, I was terrible. But as we were getting out of the car they said "just listen for a rattle and stop and look around" FOR RATTLESNAKES!!!!! I was freaking out, but didn't see any luckily.

Bre is a pro though!

She got stuck right at the top.Massacre Rocks! With the Snake River in between


It wouldn't be a tick without a jumping picture! This is my friend Felisa.
And me
And Michael

This is along the Oregon Trail!
Quality band pic.

The next day we went slack lining! Which is like tight rope walking except there's a bounce so it's harder to balance.

Again, Bre is pro.

We thought this man looked silly.

Knit tagging! We're rebels, what can we say?


After Australia, I spent a few days days in California with my friend Michael. Since I'm going to be turning my blog into a 'tick' blog, most of these pictures were in fact ticks!!!
This first one is Santa Cruz, a big beach town near San Francisco.

Sea lions hanging out in Santa Cruz.

The next day Michael and I went on an adventure to Monterey Bay and Marine Sanctuary!More sea lions hanging out.

We did see an otter but it was too far away to capture. (in a picture of course!)

That was for you Jess.

We then made our way to Carmel to see the Carmel Mission.

Michael told me that there was a Redwood forest around so we HAD to go to that! The worst part of that forest was that I saw a SNAKE! I got very scared and Michael didn't even see it. Poor me.

I had a very good time in California and got quite a few ticks. No picture of the San Andreas Fault even though I was on a train along the fault line. Next time!