Sunday, June 29, 2008

Byron Bay

Here is my trip to Byron Bay. These are the pictures off of my camera but I did not capture every moment so I'll be doing another Byron entry with the others' photos. Also. I've become obsessed with "ticking" things. As in, tick, I've done that! Leslea has a book called 1001 Natural Wonders and we've been going through it trying to see what we could tick on this trip. Potholes?
Natural Bridge


We stopped at this place to eat lunch. It also had a miniature animals tour. Apparently everything else was miniature. Needless to say, we did not take the tour.
Melody got my camera some how...
Our backyard.
Our front yard

Vacation wouldn't be complete without a little Asian Tourist!
We snorkeled at those rocks. Julian Rocks.
Making an E for Easterly of course!
Mikey being weird. He was trying to hold the Lighthouse. Clearly didn't turn out.
I love being a tourist.
We were being an arch...not too clear now, but during the photo it was brilliant.

Byron Bay sunset. Mount Warning is the point.

A little door.
Mel and me trying to get it open!!!
Showing off the necklace she made. Beads courtesy to Bangalow Market ( Also the best town in the whole entire world. Craftiness everywhere!!!)
Di in Miranda's vest.

Some of Miranda's collection of natural goodies.Miranda clearly loves the hat I made her.

Blingin' in Byron.

We can't get enough jumping pictures.

We decided to go to a National Forest called Nightcap. It's in the ticking book so we obviously had to go! Well we were going to drive to it but...
some water was in the way. We walked across it barefoot (finally I was glad to be wearing sandals!) We finally got to the trail. I don't think any of us realised that this was a legit rainforest. This is no Otways. Once you were in, there was no getting out, unless you followed the trail. Even that was hard though. Trees had come down blocking the path. But we managed. Below is part of the stinging tree. If you touched it, you were stuck to it. Nooot so fun.
Nature is so clever. Making a rope out of roots!!! Half way through we heard a noise that was not an owl or singing birds. In fact, it was a bit like Gollum. So scary. We couldn't see it, but we could tell it was close. Near the exit we found a freshly dead animal. Hoooly scary!
Minyon Falls in the Nightcap National Forest

My camera died after this but plenty more are to come, don't worry!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


This is Miranda's birthday cake! It had barbie and her friend sitting in it as well. She had a pool party so it was more than appropriate =P

Warming up... we had really good seats!
AusKick at half time!! (little kids playing. so cute!)
Richmond won!
Rock climbing with MelMel

Black Swans

Photo shoot with Delilah
She apparently didn't enjoy it...
Miranda's first tooth lost!
Healesville Sanctuary

Awkward kangaroooo

We came at the right time! We got to pet them...
And feed them!!!!!

Action shot!

The dingo ate my baby!
He would wack the egg with a rock and it broke open. Very cool!
Tasi devil!!!!!
That emu was too friendly. I got scared.
I was also scared of these bats.
That's it for now...Byron Bay this week!